Tim’s Museum of Obsolete Tech 7

Laserdisc Player

Well, this is awkward. Over the past two weeks, I drafted a post about my laserdisc player. I included the history of the format (dating back to the 1920s) and the unrecognized role these machines played in music, home video, videogames, and even karaoke bars during their three decades of manufacture.

All that remained was to take pictures. Plugged in the player … and it appears that the power supply has failed. That’s a problem. This series is supposed to be obsolete tech, not broken tech. I may be able to repair it, but that will take a while. If not, I’ll update the post as a memorial to the machine.

Meanwhile, time to draft a post about another old gadget – perhaps my Alphasmart Neo portable word processor.

By trc

Freelance writer, freelance editor, web consultant, and film studies scholar.


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