42nd Street Special Train

Warner Bros. stars traveled to Roosevelt’s inauguration in a train that promoted the recent hit film 42nd Street.

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AI and Writing

Maybe I’m not taking the threat of AI seriously enough, but I don’t think my head is in the sand as I write and read the old-fashioned way.

Changing Diets

Originally posted on Gardening at Last:
This is the third and final post in my series on how we are responding to those twin threats to our food supply – climate change and peak oil. My own experience, from several decades of trying to grow my own food, is that self-sufficiency is not possible without…

Cars and Society

It’s cliché for older people such as myself to complain about the impending collapse of society. We look back on our childhood as a golden age, and imagine our sore knees a metaphor for a world in decline. We know, second-hand, that there was a time before us, but we shrink from considering anything about… Continue reading Cars and Society

Let it Snow, for Now

It’s about two weeks to Christmas, which means for the next two weeks everyone (in northern climes) is happy about winter weather.

Picture This – Birthday Party Scene

Picture This is a contemporary romance. Derek, a mid-twenties model, out of work and out of luck, hires Susan, a freelance web designer, struggling artist, and divorced parent of twins, to collaborate on making romance novel covers. Neither wants a relationship, but the faked emotions on the covers soon become real.

Elfquest Audio Movie

I listened to the audio movie during a recent road trip. In the interest of full disclosure, I note that I made a modest contribution to the project, and in exchange for that received a free and “uncut” version of the movie.

Flippant and Saucy

The magazines Escapade and Dude were found not obscene by the Supreme Court in 1962, in a significant ruling affecting censorship in Canada.