AI and Writing

Maybe I’m not taking the threat of AI seriously enough, but I don’t think my head is in the sand as I write and read the old-fashioned way.

Picture This – Birthday Party Scene

Picture This is a contemporary romance. Derek, a mid-twenties model, out of work and out of luck, hires Susan, a freelance web designer, struggling artist, and divorced parent of twins, to collaborate on making romance novel covers. Neither wants a relationship, but the faked emotions on the covers soon become real.

Elfquest Audio Movie

I listened to the audio movie during a recent road trip. In the interest of full disclosure, I note that I made a modest contribution to the project, and in exchange for that received a free and “uncut” version of the movie.

Picture This Prologue

Last week I attended the inaugural “Dart Speak – A Writers Open Mic” at the Dart Gallery. I’d intended to read a short passage from Ocean’s Lure, but several people present asked if I could read something from my work-in-progress, Picture This. Like Ocean’s Lure, Picture This is a contemporary romance. A mid-twenties model, out… Continue reading Picture This Prologue

Ocean’s Lure Update

I’m still on track for releasing Ocean’s Lure this spring. The book is currently with an editor. Although there were several beta readers (thank you!), I decided to invest in a professional edit. Apart from wanting to make sure the text is as error-free as possible, as an editor myself I feel it would be… Continue reading Ocean’s Lure Update

New Short Story Posted

I’ve added a new short story to my site. It’s a page, not a post, which means no automatic notification or listing of new blog content. Hence this note, announcing it. A time-travelling assassin is challenged by his latest assignment: Go to “NYC Tenement Feb/02/1935”

The Palm Tree Solution

My forthcoming novel Ocean’s Lure has been read by half-a-dozen beta readers (thanks!), and I am reviewing the comments and making edits. On the whole, the comments were positive. It stood out that regular romance readers were generally more positive than non-regular romance readers, which I found reassuring, and no one suggested I was doing… Continue reading The Palm Tree Solution

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Studying Romance Novels

During three decades of part-time university studies, I developed an interest in the social, industrial, and technical forces that shape the content and understanding of films. Various aspects of the subject continue to fascinate me, which explains why I still research and write about film classification systems, why I recently bought a Laserdisc player, and… Continue reading Studying Romance Novels