Picture This – Birthday Party Scene

Picture This is a contemporary romance. Derek, a mid-twenties model, out of work and out of luck, hires Susan, a freelance web designer, struggling artist, and divorced parent of twins, to collaborate on making romance novel covers. Neither wants a relationship, but the faked emotions on the covers soon become real.

Elfquest Audio Movie

I listened to the audio movie during a recent road trip. In the interest of full disclosure, I note that I made a modest contribution to the project, and in exchange for that received a free and “uncut” version of the movie.

Picture This Prologue

Last week I attended the inaugural “Dart Speak – A Writers Open Mic” at the Dart Gallery. I’d intended to read a short passage from Ocean’s Lure, but several people present asked if I could read something from my work-in-progress, Picture This. Like Ocean’s Lure, Picture This is a contemporary romance. A mid-twenties model, out… Continue reading Picture This Prologue

Books and Clutter

The Halifax Examiner recently claimed “It’s OK to get rid of books.” Apart from being bothered by the use of OK instead of okay, which would be acceptable in a print headline but is hardly necessary for an online headline, I was troubled by some points in the article. The article begins with the problems… Continue reading Books and Clutter

Tim’s Museum of Obsolete Tech 6

Olympia Traveller de Luxe While researching the history of my mid-size Olympia Regina de Luxe typewriter, I learned of the Traveller model, the last of the compact portables from Olympia. It looked vaguely familiar. I may have seen one when I purchased my no-frills Eaton’s typewriter in early 1980s. I remember eyeing a very cool… Continue reading Tim’s Museum of Obsolete Tech 6

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Tim’s Museum of Obsolete Tech 4

SCM Secretarial 250 Office Electric Of the various typewriters I own, my Smith-Corona has the brand history that most typically illustrates the rise and fall of American manufacturing. Once upon a time in the 1880s, four Smith brothers left the gun manufacturing business and established the Smith-Premier Typewriting Company. In those days, typewriters were often… Continue reading Tim’s Museum of Obsolete Tech 4

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