Children’s Rights Centre Resources

Drs. Covell and Howe established the Children’s Rights Centre at Cape Breton University, and operated it from July 1996 to July 2013. Among other projects (such as this report on Youth Violence and these many publications), the centre developed several resources for teaching children’s rights to children, including a colouring book and suggested curricula for several grades. The benefits of comprehensive children’s rights education are described in this report.

Some of those resources are available here. Please note, these items are the originals as distributed by the Centre, and have not been reviewed or updated. Links and other references may no longer be valid. Unless otherwise noted in the resource, all material on this page only is distributed under the following terms:

Creative Commons Licence
CBU Children’s Rights Centre Resources by K. Covell and B. Howe is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Poster of of Grade 3 class charter of rights, surrounded by children's faces craft.
A class charter

Teaching Children’s Rights Through Art
Enseigner les droits de l’enfant par l’art

Fighting Hunger the Right’s Way
Lutter contre la faim à l’aide des droits

Colour it Rights
Colour it Rights – Teacher’s Guide
Colour it Rights – Teacher’s Guide and Colouring Book
Coloriez vos droits
Coloriez vos droits – guide de l’enseignant

Grade 6 Curriculum
classe 6 programme d’enseignement

Grade 8 Curriculum
classe 8 programme d’enseignement

Grade 12 Curriculum
classe 12 programme d’enseignement

Making a Class Charter

Rights Cards
Wants and Rights Cards

Self-Evaluation Tool for Schools

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