Changing Diets

Originally posted on Gardening at Last:
This is the third and final post in my series on how we are responding to those twin threats to our food supply – climate change and peak oil. My own experience, from several decades of trying to grow my own food, is that self-sufficiency is not possible without…

Cars and Society

It’s cliché for older people such as myself to complain about the impending collapse of society. We look back on our childhood as a golden age, and imagine our sore knees a metaphor for a world in decline. We know, second-hand, that there was a time before us, but we shrink from considering anything about… Continue reading Cars and Society

Let it Snow, for Now

It’s about two weeks to Christmas, which means for the next two weeks everyone (in northern climes) is happy about winter weather.

Carbon Paper

I obtained a package of carbon paper, from the late 1970, and explored this old office artifact.

Books and Clutter

The Halifax Examiner recently claimed “It’s OK to get rid of books.” Apart from being bothered by the use of OK instead of okay, which would be acceptable in a print headline but is hardly necessary for an online headline, I was troubled by some points in the article. The article begins with the problems… Continue reading Books and Clutter