Carbon Paper

I obtained a package of carbon paper, from the late 1970, and explored this old office artifact.

Books and Clutter

The Halifax Examiner recently claimed “It’s OK to get rid of books.” Apart from being bothered by the use of OK instead of okay, which would be acceptable in a print headline but is hardly necessary for an online headline, I was troubled by some points in the article. The article begins with the problems… Continue reading Books and Clutter

A Device at Last

A Somewhat Rambling Tale of Me and the SCA I attended my first Society for Creative Anachronism event in the spring of 1988. It was literally a life-changing event for me, and for the next decade the SCA was a big part of my life. I’ve recently become active again, and finally created a device… Continue reading A Device at Last

Posting and Politics

The pundits proclaim we are in an increasingly polarized society, and point to political protests over vaccinations as proof of that. I’m not sure there was ever a magical time when we all got along despite our differences. I suspect what has changed is improved communication technologies and greater freedom to express opinions held by… Continue reading Posting and Politics

Children’s Rights Education Resources Now Available

In 1996, two professors at Cape Breton University, Dr. K. Covell (psychology) and Dr. B. Howe (political science), established the Children’s Rights Centre. They operated it until their retirement in 2013. Among other projects (such as this report on Youth Violence and these many publications), the centre developed several resources for teaching children’s rights to children at all… Continue reading Children’s Rights Education Resources Now Available

Books and Baths

I was going to write a longer post about the joys of reading in the tub, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I’d rather read in the tub than write about it. Reading anywhere is a pleasure of having free time, though it can be squeezed in around other activities… Continue reading Books and Baths