Ontario Film Review Board to Begin Streaming Adult Movies Online

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After several months of negotiations with distributors, the Ontario Film Review Board (OFRB) announced today that it will begin online streaming of adult movies direct from its website.

According to Board chair Russ Meyer, the Board had two complementary goals in making to move to become an online provider of adult movies. The first was to ensure “the good people of Ontario have access to erotic materials that are duly reviewed and appropriate for adult viewing.” This requirement grew out of complaints from internet users frustrated with web sites that promised more than they delivered, such as this site that claims it has everything needed to make your kitten purr, as well as surfers disturbed by the shocking content of some sites (view at your own risk).

The second requirement was to improve cost recovery on film review. The Board reviews over 2500 adult films per year, and most reviewers require at least one week of recovery at the Board’s beach front retreat in Bouctouche for every 100 hours of film viewed. Offering online adult films will be an important new revenue source. The Board first considered offering mainstream films, but was unable to reach agreements with the more aggressive distributors of these films. Future plans include widening buy Ontario promotions to promote Ontario made films, since Good Things Grow in Ontario.

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