What is the Opposite of Censorship?

Censorship is when some agency or group declares a particular idea, story, or image must be suppressed. Government censorship is backed by force of law, while interest group censorship is often backed with the threat of economic sanctions. For example, the successful campaign to stop Groupon selling discounts for a pornography studio tour relied on a boycott of Groupon, and the withdrawal of Groupon suppliers.

So what do you call it when a group uses the promise of economic benefit to enforce a particular idea, story, or image? A recent New Yorker article outlines how the BB&T charitable foundation has given twenty eight million dollars to several American colleges, in exchange for those schools to teach pro-free market courses. Seventeen of the colleges have made Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged mandatory reading (why not watch the trailer of the film?)

I’m not opposed to college students reading Ayn Rand, but the notion that the book must be read, in order for the school to receive funds, seems just as wrong as the notion that any book must not be read, in order for a school to receive funds.

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