The Movie Out Here

The Movie Out Here is a curious production. It’s a low-budget low-brow comedy, where beer is essential to the plot, yet everyone drinks responsibly. Filmed and set in British Columbia, it is only being distributed in Western Canada. No surprise to learn that it was made by the same company that makes commercials for the local brand of beer featured in the film.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with product placement films. To some degree, all films, even those without obvious product placement, reinforce specific cultural, consumer, and moral positions. But especially when the advertising is obvious, the film should also be entertaining. According to the only review I could find, this film is not.

Given the limited distribution, there are few ratings available. Alberta stands out as limiting the film to those who can drink, though that was not a factor in the classification. The biggest concern seemed to be “crude and descriptive” sexual language. Despite that, they also note the thematic elements: “true friendship, responsibility, [and] living with integrity.” So maybe there’s a heartwarming story in here somewhere.

Area Classification Advisories
Manitoba 14A Not Recommended For Children, Crude Content, Coarse Language
Alberta 18A Crude Sexual Content
British Columbia 14A Sexually suggestive scene; Coarse & sexual language; Nudity

Click the name of the jurisdiction for more details about the classification.

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