Dancing Around Nudity

A few fun videos to share. First, this commercial from Air New Zealand: And who says censorship destroys art? In this video, censorship is art.

Don’t Fear the XXX Domain

Image: PinkMoose/Flickr

After seven years of wrangling, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has approved XXX as a sponsored generic top level domain (TLD). Curiously, the adult entertainment industry and religious and family groups both opposed this move, though for different reasons. The industry fears easier censorship, resents the creation of a virtual red-light district,… Continue reading Don’t Fear the XXX Domain

Censoring Search Engines

Whenever people worry about “bad” content on the internet, however you define bad content, a proposed solution is to require search engines to censor their results. This leads to earnest discussion over whether or not forcing search engines to censor results will solve the problem, and at what cost. For example, could movie piracy be… Continue reading Censoring Search Engines

The Americans are Coming! The Americans are Coming!

The Ontario Government created a Board of Censors in 1911. That same year saw boards established to the west in Manitoba, to the east in Quebec, and to the south in Pennsylvania. Major cities had censors for stage plays, and with purpose built theatres showing ever longer and more depraved movies, something needed to be… Continue reading The Americans are Coming! The Americans are Coming!

The King’s F* Speech

I recently attended The King’s Speech with my two oldest sons. This was significant for a number of reasons. The last film we attended together was the muddled Tron: Legacy, and I have fond memories of being up all night with my oldest when he couldn’t sleep, watching Toy Story over and over again. So… Continue reading The King’s F* Speech

Movie Theatres are Dangerous, and so is Nationalism – Censorship in 1920

After an early experiment “judging each film on its own merits,” Ontario re-instated formal standards in 1920. Prohibited films included those that were degrading, immoral, improperly suggestive, harmful, and indecent, or that showed foreign flags, cruelty to animals, firearms, violence, crime, arson, insanity, murder, suicide and breaking the law (except in good natured comedies). Also… Continue reading Movie Theatres are Dangerous, and so is Nationalism – Censorship in 1920

Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Fifty years ago, a British court determined that the novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover, by D. H. Lawrence, was not obscene.  It was originally published in 1928, but could not be published in England (or Canada) until 1960. The story (an affair between a working class man and an upper class woman), some sex scenes, and some… Continue reading Lady Chatterley’s Lover