Children’s Rights Education Resources Now Available

In 1996, two professors at Cape Breton University, Dr. K. Covell (psychology) and Dr. B. Howe (political science), established the Children’s Rights Centre. They operated it until their retirement in 2013. Among other projects (such as this report on Youth Violence and these many publications), the centre developed several resources for teaching children’s rights to children at all… Continue reading Children’s Rights Education Resources Now Available

Books and Baths

I was going to write a longer post about the joys of reading in the tub, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I’d rather read in the tub than write about it. Reading anywhere is a pleasure of having free time, though it can be squeezed in around other activities… Continue reading Books and Baths

Ocean’s Lure Update

I’m still on track for releasing Ocean’s Lure this spring. The book is currently with an editor. Although there were several beta readers (thank you!), I decided to invest in a professional edit. Apart from wanting to make sure the text is as error-free as possible, as an editor myself I feel it would be… Continue reading Ocean’s Lure Update

Enjoy a Free Lunch

Don’t read the comments, I tell myself, and yet, because I am terrible at following my own wise advice, I read the comments. The article will be about a government project, or a politician’s promise that a benefit is coming for many, or the disadvantaged. Being generally on the political left, I think this is… Continue reading Enjoy a Free Lunch

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New Short Story Posted

I’ve added a new short story to my site. It’s a page, not a post, which means no automatic notification or listing of new blog content. Hence this note, announcing it. A time-travelling assassin is challenged by his latest assignment: Go to “NYC Tenement Feb/02/1935”

Package for You

I’ve had a lot of odd jobs, and some of them were odder than others. I went through high school with no career ambition beyond writing, no desire to attend university (an act of rebellion against my parents, then university students, enroute to earning their PhDs and distinguished academic careers), and no concerns about job… Continue reading Package for You

I’ll Get There Eventually

It’s the first of December, which means about three weeks to the end of fall, the solstice, and the deadline for sending cards and otherwise preparing to share a little seasonal joy. Which means the chances of me publishing Ocean’s Lure this fall, as I have previously announced here and there, is somewhere near nil.… Continue reading I’ll Get There Eventually

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As Expected, Ontario Gives Film Classification to Industry

I’ve been studying film classification systems, or movie age ratings, for years. I wrote undergrad essays on the subject, an MA thesis on it, and have published journal articles. You can find some here. There are also many blog posts. I’ve concluded that, for all their flaws, film classification systems are necessary, desirable, and best… Continue reading As Expected, Ontario Gives Film Classification to Industry

Review: Red, White & Royal Blue

Red, White & Royal Blue, by Casey McQuiston, is not a book I would have chosen for myself. I like my contemporary romances to have relatable characters, and I find it hard to sympathize with the romantic struggles of the very, very, rich. I admit enjoying historical romances, most of which feature wealthy Dukes or… Continue reading Review: Red, White & Royal Blue

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