Hello, World!

Thanks for visiting. I’m a writer and freelance editor. My current and recent projects are listed below, and you can select a menu option for more. My day job is technical writer for a software company, and in my spare time I maintain the web sites and social media accounts for the poetry group Open Heart Forgery, and the Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada. In the Society for Creative Anachronism, I am Oliver Peren.

I’ve lived in various places in British Columbia, including the Cariboo, Greater Vancouver, and the Okanagan Valley; and Ontario, including Ottawa, Toronto, London, and Sault Ste. Marie. I now reside in Nova Scotia.

Social media hangouts include Library Thing, Facebook, goodreads, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, not necessarily in that order. I blog on various subjects including writing, editing, film classification, and using WordPress.

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Contact me with any questions or comments. Please note I am unable to accept any new editing clients, due to existing projects.

Current and Recent Projects

Picture of old manual typewriter

The screen or print output “Hello, World!” is often used to demonstrate computer program languages.

3 thoughts on “Hello, World!”

  1. Hi. Loved your article in the Globe about your 33 year educational journey! Truly a fun read!
    Best regards,


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