Children’s Rights Education Resources Now Available

Poster of of Grade 3 class charter of rights, surrounded by children's faces craft.
A class charter

In 1996, two professors at Cape Breton University, Dr. K. Covell (psychology) and Dr. B. Howe (political science), established the Children’s Rights Centre. They operated it until their retirement in 2013. Among other projects (such as this report on Youth Violence and these many publications), the centre developed several resources for teaching children’s rights to children at all ages, including a colouring book and suggested curricula for different grades. The benefits of comprehensive children’s rights education are described in this report.

The curricula were developed and tested at schools in Cape Breton, and subsequently implemented in schools around the world, including England and New Zealand. The curricula and other resources were always available free of charge, but after the Children’s Rights Centre shut down, the files became hard to locate. I’m happy to say the Centre’s curricula resources are now available here on my site. There’s also menu option to go directly to that page.

And if you are wondering what the connection is between my interest in film classification and children’s rights, check out this article.

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