Ocean’s Lure Update

I’m still on track for releasing Ocean’s Lure this spring. The book is currently with an editor. Although there were several beta readers (thank you!), I decided to invest in a professional edit. Apart from wanting to make sure the text is as error-free as possible, as an editor myself I feel it would be hypocritical if I did not hire an editor.

Meanwhile, I am assembling the cover, drafting the acknowledgements, obtaining ISBNs, and otherwise preparing for publication. It should all come together in March (depending on what I get from the editor).

Paying for the edit is a reminder that it’s not enough to write the book – I also need to sell it. However, my marketing plan, to the extent I have one, is to wait until at least the third novel before investing in advertising. Before that comes the second novel. The first draft of that is complete. It’s also set around 2015, this time in Halifax, and features older and more complex protagonists. The working title is Picture This. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be working on it this summer. Do I expect things to go to plan? They rarely do, but that’s no reason to not have a plan.

By trc

Freelance writer, freelance editor, web consultant, and film studies scholar.


  1. Thanks – I’ve been to the site, just haven’t taken the time to get the account and fill out the form yet. Will contact you if I run into trouble. Appreciate the offer of assistance.


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