Editing Projects and Services

“He has been invaluable to me in my writing, and most importantly is capable of working with divergent opinions. I would hire him as an editor again in an instant.”

No matter how well you write, an editor can improve your work. Another set of eyes can find typos, spot inconsistencies, and identify absences. It’s hard to review your own work, and friends or colleagues may lack objectivity.

“Thanks for your careful and helpful review . . . .  I incorporated most of your suggestions and proposed changes. Where I decided not to, your comments did force me to rethink what I wrote, which was helpful.”

I work on a quote per project basis. See Rates, below, for more information.


  • Presented a three evening course on using WordPress, at Halifax Public Library.
  • Edited and formatted a report for Global Child.
  • Edited, formatted, and revised a section of an academic textbook, to bring consistency to contributions by several authors.
  • Assisted development of the web site for the Nova Scotia Harp Festival.
  • Beta read a short story for a local writer.
  • Gave a presentation on WordPress.com versus WordPress.org at WordCamp Halifax 2018. View Slides
  • Assisted development of a new website for a local lawyer: https://elladodson.ca/
  • Providing line editing, reference checking and formatting, and indexing for  The Challenge of Children’s Rights for Canada, 2nd edition
  • Assisted development of a new website for Editors Nova Scotia
  • Created a set of spreadsheets for a community organization
  • Provided sample developmental edits for fiction works at Word on the Street, Halifax
  • Edited a book chapter for an academic text
  • Researched government websites, gathering information for an academic paper
  • Prepared a literature review for an academic paper
  • Edited a couple of novellas for a local author
  • Converted a WordPress blog to a full site, for a local author
  • Assisted a local small business develop their WordPress site
  • Performed an in-depth manuscript evaluation for a novel
  • Upgraded a WordPress site for a local author
  • Converted a WordPress blog to a full site, for a local author
  • Blog posts on editing and using WordPress.


Editing is available for fiction and non-fiction, including academic papers. Please note that editing services for a thesis have special requirements, including permission from the supervisor. There are different types of editing:

  • Beta Reading is the simplest (and cheapest) edit.  This is like getting a review, before you have published. The work should be completed and proofread. This is a last chance to consider big picture issues, such as plot or characterization problems. Early editing may not have considered this. For fiction, I prefer to work with genres such as Romance, Cozy, and Detective.
  • Manuscript Evaluation is similar to beta reading, but done early in the writing process. This helps avoid problems, and can be helpful for a draft that seems incomplete, or missing something. Major structural changes may be suggested. Same genre preferences as above.
  • Developmental Editing considers structural issues in the work. For fiction, this includes the pacing, character consistency and development, and plot logic. Same genre preferences as above. For non-fiction, this includes the development, clarity, and strength of the argument.
  • Line Editing is about the language used. It is a sentence level review of word choices, style, descriptions, and related content items.
  • Copy Editing considers grammar, punctuation, plurals, use of contractions and abbreviations, hyphenation, definition of acronyms, consistent use of British, American, or Canadian spelling, how numbers appear, and similar matters.
  • Formatting is updating the layout of your work to meet the requirements of a specific style. This can include changing footnotes to end notes, modifying references, and moving page breaks.
  • Proofreading is not a service I offer.

The type of editing for your project depends on your requirements, including your budget. You are not restricted to a single type. For example, an edit may include comments on structural issues, word choices, and grammar corrections. We can discuss your editing requirements as part of preparing a quote.

For fiction, I have experience with literary and genre fiction, in long and short forms, including poetry. For non-fiction, my experience and background is in the humanities and information technology. I can use various styles, including in house, but am most experienced with Chicago and MLA. When preparing a quote, I may decline the work, or suggest you consider another editor, if I am not a good fit with your requirements.

Editing does not guarantee publication, but it can improve your chances of success. Just as athletes benefit from coaches, writers benefit from editors.

File Conversions include extracting text from legacy software, and converting to and from PDF files.

WordPress and Website Consulting is intended for people with little or no internet or WordPress experience. I can assist you choose between WordPress.org and WordPress.com, transfer a site from one to the other, convert a blog to a site, obtain a domain name, and teach you how to maintain and update a site.

Research Services are also available. If you need materials from Halifax area libraries or archives, I can locate and obtain this for you. Local facilities include the Nova Scotia Provincial Archives, the Halifax Municipal Archives, and the university libraries at Dalhousie, Saint Mary’s, and Mount St. Vincent.

Rates vary depending on the task, the original material, and the amount of work requested. For example, copy editing an academic paper or book chapter is typically around $150, but could be higher if sources need to located, verified, or formatted. A manuscript evaluation for a novel is typically around $300. Archival research is $30 per hour, plus any duplication fees. For more information about typical costs, refer to Editorial Rates at the Editorial Freelancers Association. I provide a firm quote before starting, and if that exceeds your budget, I can suggest ways to reduce the fee, such as purchasing an evaluation instead of a line-by-line edit.

Please contact me to request a quote.

Style and Writing Resources

AAA American Anthropological Association. As of September 2015, AAA style (for all publications) follows the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition.

ACS American Chemical Society

AMA American Medical Association

AIP American Institute of Physics

AP Associated Press

APA American Psychological Association

Canadian Press

CSE Council of Science Editors

Chicago University of Chicago

MLA Modern Language Association

Purdue University OWL (APA, MLA, and Chicago)

Writing Commons, a great resource for college writers, including tips on APA and MLA styles.

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