Silly Censorship

People often assume that because I study censorship at university, and write a blog on censorship, I am opposed to it. If I did not want to take a stand, I’d say that whether one is for or against censorship is irrelevant: It exists, and is worthy of attention to gain understanding of how it […]

Keeping it Decent

Censorship is often presented as a struggle between artists who want to express themselves and a repressive government. Others take sides, either arguing that they have a right to be protected, or that they have a right to see whatever they want. Striking a balance is challenging. It’s even harder when the material facing censorship […]

Canadian Content in Porn

All television channels in Canada must meet Canadian content regulations, including “adult entertainment” channels. The CRTC recently noted that three of these channels are not meeting the requirements for content and captioning. The news was reported with the usual level of adolescent snickering that occurs whenever the mainstream media contemplate what might make pornography Canadian. […]

Viewing Violence

In the past few weeks, the health journal Pediatrics has published two studies concerning violence in movies.  “Gun Violence Trends in Movies” found that gun violence in American PG-13 movies has increased over the past twenty years to the point where there is now as much gun violence in PG-13 films as in R films. […]

Ratings films for Gender Content

Four theaters in Sweden have added a sexism rating to their movies, resulting in a great deal of publicity for these theaters and a Scandinavian cable channel that also plans to use the rating. It’s a simple pass/fail of the Bechdel test. The Bechdel test is from a 1985 comic by cartoonist Alison Bechdel, who […]

Editing the ebooks

In recent weeks there has been minor panic in the world of ebook retailing, as big vendors such as Amazon and Kobo overreacted to the discovery of self-published pornography in their catalogues. Their shock at their own content and their reactions bring Captain Renault to mind. Content featuring non-consensual and underage sex was removed, along […]

Rating the Web

A couple of weeks ago, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that British Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will begin blocking access to pornography, unless customers specifically request otherwise. The announcement was followed by a predictable flurry of complaints about the technical and legal challenges of doing this, cries of censorship,  and defenses of the idea. […]

Public Photography is Not a Crime

Earlier this month, a Toronto Star reporter was arrested for taking pictures at a GO Transit Station. Eventually his camera was returned and he was given a $65 ticket for trespassing.  PEN Canada discusses the law concerning taking pictures in public spaces, and a review of recent cases, in this excellent article on their web […]