Dracula Sucks – The Cartoon and the Court

Dracula Sucks was an ambitious 1978 adult sex comedy parody. Legend has it that the original version was edited into two shorter films, one containing explicit sex and distributed under various other titles, and the other shown at theatres. When it came to Canada, additional cuts were made for Ontario, and the cut version eventually […]

Being Respectful

Sony has decided not to release “The Interview,” after multiple exhibitors, including 17 theatres in Toronto, cancelled screenings. The cancellations were announced after an unknown organization, possibly linked to North Korea, threatened attacks on theatres showing the film. North Korea doesn’t like the film, a comedy about assassinating  Kim Jong-un, for obvious reasons, but denies […]

Maen Striit Massacre

Some folks in Vancouver are all in a tizzy over a new online game featuring a shooting rampage on their transit system.  Developed and posted by a construction worker, the first person shooter is a construction worker caught up in transit delays. Vancouver’s transit system recently had two lengthy delays in one week, so that’s […]

Censorship During World Wars I and II

Film censorship is a provincial matter in Canada, except in times of war. The British government managed censorship of military matters until 1915 when Canada passed the War Measures Act. Among other things, the Act allowed for a federal Chief Censor, also known as the Chief Press Censor. As the title implies, the primary goal […]

Censoring the Sizzle

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, is due for release in August. The Weinstein Company has released a series of promotional posters featuring each of the stars, but the sixth, featuring Eva Green’s character in a transparent top, was deemed inappropriate by the MPAA. Take a look for yourself. Apparently a new poster is […]

“Sit on it!”

With all the bad news coming out of Russia, a new censorship law is a minor item, though symptomatic of a state flexing its muscles over people and culture. As reported by the ITAR-TASS News Agency, “Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law prohibiting explicit language in literature and arts, mass media products, at […]

Silly Censorship

People often assume that because I study censorship at university, and write a blog on censorship, I am opposed to it. If I did not want to take a stand, I’d say that whether one is for or against censorship is irrelevant: It exists, and is worthy of attention to gain understanding of how it […]

Keeping it Decent

Censorship is often presented as a struggle between artists who want to express themselves and a repressive government. Others take sides, either arguing that they have a right to be protected, or that they have a right to see whatever they want. Striking a balance is challenging. It’s even harder when the material facing censorship […]

Canadian Content in Porn

All television channels in Canada must meet Canadian content regulations, including “adult entertainment” channels. The CRTC recently noted that three of these channels are not meeting the requirements for content and captioning. The news was reported with the usual level of adolescent snickering that occurs whenever the mainstream media contemplate what might make pornography Canadian. […]